269When your little monkeys are climbing the walls, nothing perks up a dreary Saturday morning better than a trip to Cupcake Royale. The kaleidoscopic of chirpy ‘cakes, lined up like a parade behind the massive glass case is reminiscent of the corner candy stores of yesteryear.

Almost inevitably, kiddies press their nose to the glass, brows furrowed, trying to decide which cupcake they’ll take home – Coconut Bunny, Mo Fro or Orange U Glad? Or perhaps a seasonal specialty, like Pumpkin or Caramel Apple? (a quirky sign reads, “Please don’t tap the glass. You’ll scare the cupcakes.”)

And that’s the other thing about Cupcake Royale. While kids obviously love the yummy scratch baked, hand-frosted cupcakes, parents dig the old school vibe and shockingly good coffee and espresso, making it a win-win destination for the whole family.

Want to score points at the next PTA meeting, baby shower or birthday party? Order a giant batch of cupcakes to go. The folks at Cupcake Royale will customize your order with super cool colors, flavors, toppers, sprinkles or inscriptions. Nothing says. “I love you,” like a dozen Dance Party with Holly Hobbie cupcakes…

Cupcake Royale
Ballard, Madrona and West Seattle

P.S. When you visit Cupcake Royale on your birthday, you’ll get a free cupcake (no matter what age!)