With the winter cold officially setting in, sometimes all you crave is a hearty hamburger with all the right fixins. Forget the fast food joints because the area’s locally-owned eateries offer some of the tastiest burgers in the nation. From the All-American burger to hot and spicy burgers to the bacon cheeseburger, you and the family are sure to fulfill that hamburger craving we all know so well. So read on burger enthusiasts to discover all the amazing hamburgers Seattle has to offer.

Butcher’s Grind House Burger at Local 360

The rustic, casual Belltown spot’s outstanding burger is made of a secret blend of local beef cooked perfectly medium, as requested, and has a nice steak-like flavor, a loosely bound texture and a salty crust. Comes with a gorgeous slice of tomato, a pile of greens, slivers of red onion, house-made bread-and-butter pickles and aioli. Upgrade with cheddar and bacon for $3 if you want to, but we don’t think it needs it.

Favorite sides: Great steak fries with the skins on ($3.50/free with burger!)

Swinery Burger with Bacon at The Swinery
West Seattle

Grilled over charcoal outside in the bare-bones Swinery courtyard, the Swinery burger is a true thing of beauty: one-third pound of house-ground Painted Hills beef with soft onions, house-cured Swinery bacon cooked until softly crisp, your choice of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and house-made pickles on a soft, sweet brioche bun from Macrina Bakery.

Favorite sides: One of those people who just can’t gain weight? Danger fries ($6) to the rescue! House-cut fries cooked in rendered pork fat and then doused with bacon and blue cheese béchamel sauce. Holy heart attack, Batman.

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