It’s always the same. When that once-in-a-blue moon date night rolls around, you shell out big bucks for a baby sitter, or sweet-talk your mother-in-law into watching the little ones while the two of you scramble madly to get a get out of the house for dinner. Our Date Night partner in crime, Seattle Magazine, has a refreshing suggestion to mix-up this age-old routine: Relax and enjoy a fresh, delicious meal at one of your local Seattle farms.

My ultimate dream of living off five acres of lush organically-farmed land (preferably in southern France) surrounded by happy farm animals who are all friends and adore me even though I’m going to someday eat them has yet to become a reality. So until then, I’m just going to have to invite myself over to other people’s farms for dinner, where they’ll show me around and share fascinating tidbits about their crops and growing seasons as I turn green with envy and tune out the parts about how much hard work it actually is.

I plan on being at at least one of these upcoming farm meals, and if you would like to spend an afternoon or evening out in the sticks enjoying incredibly fresh food beautifully prepared by the sweetest darn people ever, you should too.

Dog Mountain Farm in Carnation, whose School of the Lost Arts teaches courses in everything from cheesemaking and canning to fiber arts and storytelling, hosts Farm Dinners weekly on Saturdays with meals prepared by some of our region’s biggest-deal chefs: Seth Caswell of Emmer & Rye, Holly Smith of Cafe Juanita, Jelle Vandenbroucke of ART Restaurant, Mark and Marjorie Chang Fuller of Spring Hill and Dustin Ronspies of Art of the Table are a few of the folks on kitchen duty for the rest of the summer. Cost is $100/person for a farm tour and multi-course meal with wine pairings from local wineries. The school also doesLocavore Lunches Tuesdays and Sundays, for $35/person. Register online or call  425.333.0833.

— Cody Ellerd Bay

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