Sure, you’ve driven through Japantown and maybe even headed over there for a meal, but did you know that this age old neighborhood is developing into a premier destination for food, art and shopping? There’s plenty to see, eat and do, so the next time you’re itching for a different date night experience, then check out Seattle Magazine’s guide for this cool neighborhood where you’re guaranteed to have a totally engaging and fun date night experience.

It may be one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods, with roots stretching back to the late 1800s, but Japantown is quickly becoming the city’s newest art destination. The vibrant, diverse spirit of the ’hood (which is anchored by the historic Panama Hotel and runs along Fifth and Sixth Streets between S Jackson and Main) is the perfect inspiration for a host of new galleries, shops and restaurants.

>> Walking along the busy blocks, you are greeted with an array of Storefronts Seattle projects, the city’s initiative to offer free space to art collectives, such as the new IDEA Odyssey, a multiperspective space that explores identity and diversity through different mediums (666 S Jackson St.; 206.462.1359;

>> Get inked by Seattle tattoo legends Chula and Jimmy, owners of the immaculately clean and decorated Tiger Tiger Tattoo (614 S Jackson St.; 206.682.1176), whose warm hearts have made them heroes in the neighborhood.

>> For traditional Japanese fare, follow in the footsteps of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods star Andrew Zimmern to 107-year-old Maneki (304 Sixth Ave. S; 206.622.2631; and try the seasonal ika no shiokara (fermented squid intestines) featured in the Seattle episode scheduled to air next month.

To learn all about where to eat, shop and get arty in Seattle’s bustling Japantown neighborhood, click on the full article here.

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