You don’t need an adventurous eater in your fam to enjoy dim sum. Even the pickiest eaters will love the surprises that are found in the carts lined with bamboo baskets. Flip through our photo gallery for eight delicious dim sum restaurants where your little dumplings can fill their plates with steamed, sautéed and sauced nibbles.

Mikes Noodle House

If you've ever wanted to travel to Hong Kong and eat authentic Chinese food, but haven't had the chance, MIke's Noodle House in the International District is the next best thing. They serve delicious congee and wonton noodle soup as well as Chinese donuts, which are a must!

Good to Know: This is a cash only joint, so don't forget to hit up the ATM before going. The restaurant is small inside, so it's not an ideal place to go with a large group and they do not take reservations. However, the service is good which keeps things moving.

418 Maynard Ave. S.
Seattle, Wa 98104

Hours: Mon.-Sun., 9:30 a.m.-8 p.m.

Where are your favorite spots to enjoy dim sum? Let us know in the comments below.

-Allison Rasmussen

Photos courtesy of Yelp by: Chuck LMydao H, T I, Jo W, Wen M, Alekkz H, Rowena D, Linda M, and Ava A & Melinda Wong