You’ve already ordered pizza for dinner once this week as a solution to your oh-so-busy weekday evenings and it can’t be a good sign that you’re on a first name basis with the delivery guy. But, what’s a mom to do? Not all of us are spending hours swooning over the latest Pinterest recipes and (you’d better sit down for this one!), not all of us love to cook either. Plus, busy is the new black – it’s on-trend to pack our lives and our kids’ lives full of back-to-back activities, play dates, enrichment classes, family vacations and soccer games, leaving little time to spend at the stove. Really, we’re surprised that some of you even have time to call to order a pizza. The solution to bust you out of the vicious pizza-delivery cycle is these places in Seattle who deliver meals that arrive in anything but a flat, cardboard box. From delivery services that bring dinner to you from your favorite restaurants around Seattle to meal services that bring you often better than homemade dinners that are made to order, it’s time to break up with your pizza delivery man.

2Go Services
How it works: You are craving your favorite dish from your favorite go-to dinner spot in Seattle, but your preschooler fell asleep on the couch 30-minutes ago and there’s no way you’re waking him to even go pick-up dinner, as that would be so blatantly breaking the cardinal rule of parenthood (never wake a sleeping preschooler!). Hello, restaurant delivery service. How brilliant is this? Go online, order what you’d like for dinner, click and you’re done. They give you a lead time to let you know how long it will take to get to you and you can even order for a future date, if you happen to know that making dinner next Thursday just isn’t going to happen.

Order it: Restaurants available for delivery on 2Go Services vary based on where in Seattle you live, but their area of delivery does additionally cover South Seattle and the Eastside. You’ll find everywhere from California Pizza Kitchen (okay, we know we said no pizza, but this is different!) to Greenlake Bar and Grill (order the Grilled Chicken Club!) to Yummy Teriyaki for gyoza that is actually good, not greasy.

Cost: Most restaurants have an order minimum of $15 and a delivery fee of less than $10.

Find them: Visit the 2Go Services website to place your order. It will take less time than having your kids put on their shoes to get in the car to go to dinner.

Kendal’s Kitchen
How it works: Remember when you came home from the hospital after giving birth and people filled your refrigerator with delicious homemade foods? Okay, they may have had ulterior motives and were using the food as an excuse to see the baby, but that’s beside the point. The food was amazing and it’s easy to recreate that now for those busy weeknights with Kendal’s Kitchen. Order by Friday night for delivery the following week and enjoy meals that are healthy, delicious, kid-friendly and easy to put together on your own. See, no need to have another baby just to have people bring you food again!

Order it: All of the meals from Kendal’s Kitchen are gluten-free and dairy-free and their menu includes vegetarian dishes, meat dishes and fish dishes, depending on what your family prefers. Additionally, we love that you can order sides that will customize the meal for your family – an extra grilled chicken breast for your daughter who only eats chicken dipped in ketchup or even cookies for dessert!

Cost: Meals come in two- or three-serving portions and range from $14-21, depending on the size and meal. Sides begin at $2.00 per serving. Weekly minimum of $50 for your first order and $85 for additional orders, however, you are not committed to ordering meals every week and can come and go as you please! There is also an additional $25 “hardware” service fee for use of the Pyrex containers and jars used to package your dinners. A delivery fee of $7-12, depending on where you live, will also apply.

Find them: Go online to Kendal’s Kitchen to view menus, place orders and read about the details of their service and keep an eye on their Facebook page for up to date teasers on what they’re cooking up each week!

Lucky Palate
How it works: Delivered to your home, cold and ready to live in your fridge for up to a week, Lucky Palate is a family-favorite in Seattle for meals to keep on hand that will leave pizza delivery in the dust. Orders must be placed by Friday evening for delivery the following Tuesday (although, they often can squeeze in a last minute order for unexpected busy weeks!) and you can choose to either order specific meals ala carte style or sign up for their Complete Meal Plan that puts together 2-6 meals a week for you, on a week-by-week basis.

Order it: It’s hard to pick favorite dishes to suggest because everything from Lucky Palate is delicious! Their Middle Eastern flavored dishes are particularly delicious and even a hit with kids. Each “meal” comes with a main dish and a side dish and they use organic ingredients as much as possible.

Cost: If you sign up for the Meal Plan, six-meals a week (without dessert) is approximately $299 or you can go down to as little as two-meals a week (without dessert) for $132. Or, order their ala carte items for less than $7 a serving, depending on the item. There is also a $5 per week delivery fee.

Find them: Order online on the Lucky Palate website, where menus are posted in advance for the entire month.

Seattle Salads
How it works: While a salad alone can rarely suffice as a meal for your eat-you-out-of-house-and-home-kids, Seattle Salads delivery service is a fantastic way to add some green to whatever you’re already making for dinner (even if it’s delivered pizza!) or as meal for mom and dad while your kids nosh on kid-food – because there’s no way you’re eating more mac n’ cheese. Each salad comes in a handy-dandy shaking container, with dressing on the side.

Order it: Choose your salad online – the menu is short and sweet, but every single salad is fresh and tasty and the dressings, which are matched perfectly with each salad, are very good (you can also purchase them on their own). Check out the Double Stuffed option, where they do less lettuce and more of the other ingredients to create a hardier salad.

Cost: There is a minimum order of four salads, which comes to about $25. Delivery is free and is regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Find them: Visit the Seattle Salads website to drool over the salads and place your order. And, keep your eyes open in Madison Park for their first salad shop – coming soon!

Dancing Women Meals
How it works: There’s no doubt that ordering dinners from Dancing Women Meals is going to be far healthier for your family than having pizza in your dinner rotation a couple of nights a week. All of the meals use “clean” ingredients, meaning no artificial dyes, preservatives or chemicals. Plus, they use organic and in-season products as often as possible in the meals, meaning these are truly just as good, if not better (since you don’t have to do the dishes!) than cooking it yourself. We also love Dancing Women Meals because you order by Sunday night for the following week, with delivery as early as Tuesday – no more 4:00 pm panic attacks about what you’re going to make for dinner!

Order it: The menu changes every week, but for example, you’ll find meals such as Thai Chicken Coconut Fingers, Comfy Mac-n-Cheese with Veggie Bits and Mushroom Barley Soup. They also offer many vegetarian substitute options and sides that will make your mouth water.

Cost: Most meals come in two-serving portions for approximately $13, with sides varying in price. There is an additional $4.50-6.50 delivery fee, however, unlike many services, there is no minimum order required.

Find them: Visit them online at Dancing Women Meals and be sure to read the FAQ section for additional details about the deliveries.

— Katie Kavulla

Photos via Kendal Kitchen’s Facebook page, Seattle Salads Facebook page,