A constant kid classic, burgers never get old. And with new spots popping up all over, we decided to scout the Eastside for the best places to sink your teeth into an all beef patty or two! From the All-American burger to hot and spicy burgers to the XXXL burger, you and your crew are sure to fulfill that hamburger craving we all know so well. Click through the gallery to discover all the amazing hamburgers the Eastside has to offer.

Ranch Drive-In

If old school’s your game, then the Ranch Drive-In is for you. A local Bothell icon, the Ranch Drive-In (which isn’t actually a drive-in any more), does provide inside, outside and walk up and to-go orders of classic burger fare. The best part? The burgers are delish, the service is quick and friendly and the Ranch sauce is worth the trip alone.

What to order: Quarter and half-pound burgers are standard and come with the usual suspects of lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickle and/or bacon. And while there’s not a specific kids' menu, the Special Burger is a smaller, scaled-down version (just mustard and ketchup). Or lil' dude and dudettes can order grilled cheese, hot dogs, corn dogs or fish or chicken sandwiches. Of course fries, onion rings and a huge assortment of shakes and malts are also on the menu. Try the pumpkin, eggnog, or marshmallow shake!

Good to know: The Ranch Drive-In is within walking distance of Bothell Landing park, if you want to make an afternoon of it.

Ranch Drive-In
18218 Bothell Way N.E.
Bothell, Wa 98011
Online: ranchdrivein.com

photo: Jennifer B. Davis

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— Jennifer B. Davis & Brian Dubois