Peaceful Easy Feeling

260 Hectic schedules. Sensory overload. Too much screen time. Just when you think your little one is ready for school and the great big world out there, you realize that maybe, just maybe, he’ll thrive in an environment that’s a wee more relaxed. Step into The Eastside Montessori’s beautiful, natural, and peacefully organized classroom and you’ll immediately get a feel for a true Montessori experience: active, vibrant and gently humming with activity. The space has an open, bright, and fresh feel thanks to the large windows that look onto a garden courtyard and trees. The room is organized into areas where children choose from beautifully-crafted, purposeful materials meant to engage the preschool child’s natural curiosity. And it does! Look around and you’ll see children moving from one area to another: playing a matching game with the teacher, putting together a puzzle map, composing a piece of music on the Montessori bells, helping another to pour a glass of juice or put on an apron. Others may be composing a poem, practicing their handwriting, or counting beads and distributing them according to a math problem. Whatever they’re up to, you’ll see evidence of creative activity and self-awareness — most definitely qualities of happiness! The teacher’s calm and confident approach honors each child’s unique personality and learning style supporting an intellectual and creative foundation to explore music, language, math, botany, geography and culture, and so much more.

The Eastside Montessori School
1934 – 108th Ave NE, Bellevue WA, 98004