You’re crushing the new normal on the weekdays. But if you’re looking for ways to keep kids entertained on free-form weekends, we’ve got options. From stargazing activities you can do at home, to virtual visits, to forts so cool you’ll want to live in them, here are ten ideas the whole fam will enjoy. Read on to make the most of your at-home weekend.

photo: iStock

Paint the Town
Get creative by painting rocks with inspirational messages (and maybe a few hand washing reminder rocks, too!) to spread kindness in your ‘hood.

Plan an Out-of-this-World Adventure
Shuttle your crew to the back yard or onto the sidewalk for some epic stargazing once the sun goes down. Get tips and tricks to make this an all day, at home event too.

Don’t Just Play Games…
…make them. Sift through your recycling bin to find what you need to make (most) of these games that are great for all ages.

Build Fort(itude)
Epic fort building is always a good idea.

Here are 200-plus jokes to get you started on your stand-up routine. Sit back and watch the kids as the put on a hilarious show.

Dig into Gardening
Whether you head outside to do a little digging with the kids in the garden, or want to grow an indoor garden you can enjoy all year, now’s the perfect time to do it.

Follow the Code
Dial up some new-to-them kid-friendly movies and shows with these secret Netflix codes. You’re welcome.

Live a Virtual Reality
Take advantage of all the cool, cultural events you can now stream live from home, like the Met Opera and Seattle Symphony. Add in some famous museums and you’ve got yourself a virtual vacay.

Mix it Up
Make these indoor days magical with your kids when you try one of these pretend potion concoctions.

Take the Pressure Off
Sit down to conduct some simple air pressure experiments with your budding scientists. Who says learning cool things is reserved for week days?

—Allison Sutcliffe