B is for Burien—but the locals call it B-Town.

The new Burien Library building.

It’s a hip, happenin’ community located just west of Sea-Tac Airport, and one of the most kid-friendly places you’ll find. The historic downtown, known as “Olde Burien,” resonates small-town charm and is a fun place to explore for both kids and adults. Goodie Gumdrops is a great first stop. Located on the corner of Ambaum and SW 152nd St., it’s a sprawling toy store—with candy, too. Satisfy your sweet tooth there, or head across the street for a bite at the quaint Danish Bakery. Next door are two stops for Mom and Dad: kitchen store Poggi Bonsi and Grassroots Home & Garden. A poke into Hayes Feed and Country Store is also a worthwhile stop—pick up some chow for the family pet and say hello to parrots Lucy and Lulu. (Lucy just squawks but Lulu may very well say hello right back to you.)

Heading east on 152nd, you’ll soon run into the new downtown of modern buildings filled with even more inviting shops and restaurants. Just past 5th Ave, you’ll see the newly constructed City Hall/Public Library building. Wander in and check out the children’s book section. You may be just in time for story time – there’s one offered most days of the week! Then take a quick stroll around the beautiful Town Square and keep your eye out for big jet airlines descending to the east. Grab lunch across the street at the Australian Pie Company, which offers a variety of delicious Aussie meat pies (the beef, potato, and cheese pie is most popular) and be sure to try a Lamington for dessert! Elliott Bay Brewhouse and Pub is also just down the way for more traditional Northwest fare.

Of course, no exploration is complete without a visit to the park. Seahurst Park is a popular Burien family destination with a beautiful beach and miles of hiking trails, but not to be overlooked is the lovely Dottie Harper Park, just a hop, skip, and a jump from downtown. Located on SW 146th St. and 4th Ave SW, it has a nice play structure and walking paths that wind around a majestic grove of trees.  While your young ones seek out magical fairies and elves, tweens and teens can hang at the popular skate park just across the street.  After they’re all worn out, give the kids a B for Bravo! on completing a most excellent adventure in Burien.

—Erin Sirianni