Looking for a kid-friendly farm in Seattle to take your children this summer? With a moo-moo here and a neigh-neigh there, Farrel-McWhirter Park offers a year-round farm fix for little ones who are into tiny bunnies or big horses. Farm and forest unite at this picturesque park located just off of Avondale Road and Novelty Hill Road in Redmond. Picnic tables and plenty of grass fields and forested trails to roam make this park the perfect spot to spend an afternoon!

Go: The park is staffed weekdays 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Approximate Travel Time: 45 minutes east of Seattle.

What to do: Park your car, then walk the trail among towering fir trees until it opens out to the fields and farm. It’s common to find ponies and horses in various parts of the 68-acre park as well as cows, goats, bunnies, chickens, turkeys, and sometimes even a pig with piglets. The younglings will love spotting these critters as you explore the area. You can even go a step further: the park offers toddler pony classes, bigger kid riding classes, and birthday parties through the City of Redmond Parks department.

Kids love climbing up the spiral staircase to the top of the silo overlooking the farm. Keep walking and you’ll find more treasures. At one end of the park are swings (baby and big-kid) and at the other end (walk the trail past all of the horse pastures through the woods) you’ll find a tire swing. A preschool operates on the premises and themed, summer day-camps are offered for various age groups. There are plenty of trails to choose from, so have fun exploring!

Possible Lunch Spots: Pack a sack lunch and enjoy your meal outdoors amid the beauty of the farm. The covered picnic shelters offer electricity and running water for quick clean up.

How to Dress: Weather appropriate, comfortable clothing for walking and climbing.

Bonus: If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at orienteering, Farrel-McWhirter offers a fun and challenging course! Orienteering is a sport in which orienteers use an accurate, detailed map and a compass to find points in the landscape. It can be enjoyed as a walk in the woods or as a competitive sport.

Cost of Trip: Free.

Online: Farrel-McWhirter Park

—Angie Ballas