It’s too easy to write off the Georgetown neighborhood because of its industrial shell: Drive too fast and you’ll miss all the gems hidden amidst the warehouses and old factory buildings. While it may not be the most obvious neighborhood for the family to hang out, there are a few places worth a visit.

Start at the Museum of Flight, which technically is outside the southern border of the Georgetown neighborhood, but is close enough to include as a destination. Spend the morning checking out the collections, including the current exhibit featuring Amelia Earhart. Kids will enjoy walking among all the vintage and historical planes.

For lunch, go to Stellar Pizza. What’s great about Stellar is that the room is divided between “family-friendly” and 21-and-older. On the family side, there are several large booths that can accommodate – or contain – families and plenty of freestanding tables. You can order pizza by the slice and half or whole pies. For the kids, there’s also mac-and-cheese, pasta shells, cheesy bread and chicken tenders.

Or, start with an early lunch at Stellar and then take the kids to Oxbow Park, which is also where the restored Hat ’n’ Boots sculptures are now located. There is a play area and a P-Patch at the park, too.

For the moms who are able to sneak in a visit to a boutique, Frida offers vintage and indie-design clothes and accessories. If the timing is right and you plan ahead, you can take your kids for a trial class at the School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts – or SANCA. Kids as young as 2 can attend classes. By George, we think you’ll love this nabe!

—Hsiao-Ching Chou