Good Tide-ings 

Summer may still be half-a-calendar away, but it’s never the wrong time for a walk on the beach with the bambino. Seattle is surrounded by treasure-rich beaches and, if you know where to look—and we do—you can get even get a guided tour free of charge. The People for Puget Sound offers a wealth of information on winter beachwalks, tours and other mostly-free events they support and sponsor. Their low-tide beachwalks will give you a great reason to keep the kids up a tad past bedtime—bundle up, grab your boots and flashlights, and prepare to be wowed with first-hand experienced tours of those nifty treasures that are normally far beneath the sea. Covering most of our beaches and docks from Alki to Edmonds to Bremerton, you’ll see rocks and barnacles, sea stars and crabs, and that’s just the beginning. Ever wanted to drop a light off a pier and see what happens? So has the rest of the city apparently—these Pier Peer tours are the talk of the town and they book up fast. So check out their events page today—whichever event you choose, the kids are sure to enjoy, and you’re bound to learn a thing or two. Reservations are recommended and can be made online.

Not up to nighttime adventuring? No worries —Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Environmental Learning Centers offers many Winter resources to help you get out and explore—from Tot Treks to Tyke Hikes,  there’s nature-a-plenty via free and paid classes, so go get your feet wet—literally.

—Matina Fresenius