Kids will be on the go-go-go at Perrigo. Packed with excitement, Redmond’s Perrigo Park has something for everyone. One of our favorite features is the wide, paved path that meanders through the park and around the ball fields—perfect for strollers, trikes, bikes and scooters.  For a little fitness jog, you can even clock yourself as you stroll the path around the soccer field (each time around is .4 mile) or branch off for a little nature walk where the path connects with Evans Creek Trail (at the far end of the soccer field), crossing over wetlands towards Union Hill Road. The ball field has covered bleachers if the kids want to watch the players in action and the tennis courts are perfect for an impromptu game. The playground has a climbing structure with lots of slides, swings, and a small sand pit. Be sure to bring the shovels and pails, because if you hit the park when it’s quiet and no one is playing volleyball, there are two sand-filled beach volleyball courts which are impossible to keep the little ones from exploring.  The sprawling lawn is dotted with nice trees providing shady picnic and hide-n-seek spots and there are restrooms near the playground and soccer field. A word to the wise: weekends can get kind of packed with soccer games, volleyball, and barbeques in the covered structure. Try to hit it in the morning or on weekdays if you prefer a less-crowded park. Perrigo Park is located about one mile off Avondale Road.

—Angie J. Ballas