A hidden neighborhood oasis called Salmon Bay Park awaits in Ballard. It’s the perfect outdoor park for kids, and offers a little something for everyone.

What to do: Under a lush canopy of evergreen trees your kiddos can kick a soccer ball, throw a Frisbee, walk the dog, or claim a table to enjoy a picnic. A top-notch playground at the southeast corner of the park boasts a play structure, swing set, sandbox with toys and (best of all) a zip line for family fun.

Go: Year-round on a dry day.

Approximate travel time: From Ballard’s Market street, it’s a 3 minute drive or 20 minute walk.

Possible lunch spots: Try uber family-friendly Snoose Junction Pizzeria or, if you’re feeling a little fancy, try Picolinos–a restaurant with Italian flare that offers both a kids menu and ample high chairs.

How to dress: In layers and jackets with good shoes for running and playing.

Need to Know: Don’t worry, there are bathroom facilities at the park.

Bonus: If the weather foils your outing or if you just want a sweet treat, head over to Larsen’s Danish Bakery for a fresh cookie, cupcake or other Scandinavian delicacy.

Cost of trip: Free to moderate, depending on food purchases.

Online: Click here.

—Kali Sakai