For a fun day trip from Seattle that will make you and your family want to jump up in the air and do a heel-click in your wooden clogs, check out Lynden, Washington. Lynden is a picturesque tourist destination north of Seattle, just a few minutes from the Canadian border. Seattle kids and parents alike will sure to have fun there – flower painted wooden clogs not required!

Go: Plan a trip to Lynden on a bright day when the sun is shining down on all the adorable tulips that are planted around town!


Get there: From Seattle, getting to Lynden is easy. Head north on I-5 for 90-miles to Bellingham. Take Exit 255 at Sunset Drive/Mt Baker Highway and take a right at the end of the off-ramp. Travel about a mile, where you’ll turn left at the stoplight onto Hannegan Road. Follow Hannegan for about 12-miles and it will take you right into Lynden! Once you’re on the freeway in Seattle, it should take you about two-hours to get to Lynden.


What to bring: You won’t need much for this day trip. A small stroller or pack to carry little ones who might get tired walking, entertainment for the car ride and a change of clothes would be a good idea.


What to wear: The weather in Lynden can be quite different from Seattle – dress in Northwest layers that you can peel off as it gets hotter. An extra layer, such as a sweatshirt, would be a good idea to keep in the car because it can be a little breezier in Lynden.


Things to do: When you get into Lynden, you’ll be on Front Street, which is an adorable avenue with gorgeous trees that create a canopy over the street. There are also white picket fences enclosing freshly cut lawns and cute little houses with shutters. We promise that you’re still in the real world!

Continue down Front Street to the main shopping district of downtown Lynden, just a few blocks down. Park wherever you can find a spot and do some exploring in the fun shops – Lynden is gift store heaven!

Another fun stop along Front Street is the Lynden Pioneer Museum (217 Front Street | 360-354-3675). The kids will love taking a step back in time to the pioneer days when people were just settling in the Lynden area. Plus, there is a cool collection of vintage cars!

When was the last time you roller-skated? The Lynden Skateway is located in downtown Lynden (421 Judson Street | 360-354-3851) and is guaranteed to be fun for everyone in your family – even the littlest ones! There are open skate times on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday. Skating is $6 with free skate rentals included during some times.

Kids need to run around after the car ride? Head to Lynden’s gorgeous Million Smiles Playground at the Lynden City Park. It’s one of the newest in the entire county and an absolute favorite for locals. Check out the cool tree house with a huge slide and the castle-themed maze!

When you’re in Lynden, it’s hard to miss that they are a dairy community. Besides the fact that Lynden smells a bit like, well, cows, you’ll also notice all of the dairy farms as you drive into town. For a true dairy treat, stop by Edaleen Dairy. They are locally owned and operated and you can stop in their stores for fresh ice cream that is made right there at the dairy! Delicious!


Where to eat: If you’re heading to Lynden, your lunch stop must be Dutch Mother’s Family Restaurant (405 Front Street). It is the place for lunch in town where locals and tourists alike break bread together over yummy sandwiches and delicious slices of pie.


Bonus: If you’re visiting Lynden in August, don’t miss a trip to the Northwest Washington Fair – the largest fair north of Seattle! Check out our Insider’s Guide for tips on making it fun with little ones!

Also, stop by Bellingham on your way to or from Lynden, which is another great family-friendly city north of Seattle!


Cost of trip: Low to moderate – the gas to Lynden will probably be your biggest expense!


Online: Visit the Lynden Chamber of Commerce website for more information about this great town.

– Katie Kavulla