280Come On, Give it a Try

Junior has been singing along to Dora the Explorer since he could crawl and he can now count to 10 in both English and Spanish. What’s next for the Boy Wonder? Why, Zoom Language Center, of course.

When you and Little One walk through the doors of Zoom, you’ll feel you’ve entered a magical, colorful world full of possibility! Zoom founder Angelica Camargo has married her love of children and passion for language to create Zoom, the vibrant Ballard Spanish language school where kiddies ages one through ten learn language through play.

Ninos (children) enjoy art, song, dance, story telling, creative play and drama, and before they know it, they’re singing and talking… in Spanish! From classes to camps to summer programs, Zoom has it all (check out the website for their extensive program list).

Don’t worry if you think Little One is having too much fun at “school”, we promise he is also developing skills to succeed later in life (that’s what it’s all about, right?). Experts agree that “bilingual children often perform better than monolingual children…and exhibit stronger problem-solving skills and enhanced creativity.” So come on and zoom, come on and zoom zoom…

P.S. The new Preschool program has been so wildly successful it’s sure to be wait-listed shortly– get your name on the list pronto.

Zoom Language Center
1116 Northwest 54th Street (Ballard)