Fresh-Baked Family Fare

Have you been to Grand Central Baking Company’s Café on Eastlake Avenue East? We fell in love when one of the owners said that the hallway to the restrooms was designed with the intention of accommodating a doublewide stroller. The menu offers sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, salads and, of course, baked goods. There are two daily soups, which they announce on the web site as well as on Twitter. Kids can enjoy a PB&J or a grilled cheese (havarti cheese on Como bread), either of which can be ordered as a sack lunch that includes chips, a cookie and a pickle. At lunch, you can get a grilled sandwich, such as spicy meatloaf, tuna cheddar melt, or Cubano—we know you’ll work it off chasing the kiddos around!

Grand Central is known as one of the original Seattle bread bakeries that paved the way for this city’s artisan bread movement. They use 100 percent local flour from Shepherd’s Grain and support other local producers, such as Thundering Hooves pork and Stiebrs Farm eggs. In addition to the original bakery location in Pioneer Square, there will be a new café opening in Burien this summer. (Lucky Portland already has six locations.) While you’re at the café, you can pick up a container of cookie dough, a premade pie, or puff pastry from the U-Bake line.

—Hsiao-Ching Chou