Whether it’s a Friday night tradition or an extra special treat, pizza is one of the few foods everyone seems to agree on. But forget Pizza Hut—today’s kids are asking for deep-dish, gluten-free and even wood-fired. And lucky for us, the Emerald City keeps serving up more great spots to get our fill. We’ve broken down some of our area’s finest pizzerias, so you can spend less time browsing Yelp reviews and more time digging in. Flip through the gallery for our picks.

Pagliacci Pizza

Convenient? Check. Tasty? Check. Kid-friendly? Check. Pagliacchi Pizza meets all of our criteria and more! Whether it's a quick lunch to refuel hungry kids or half a dozen pizzas for a large crowd for a birthday party, Pagliacchi Pizza delivers yummy pizza both kids and parents can agree on.

Online: pagliacci.com

photo: Pagliacchi Pizza via Yelp

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— Meredith Mortensen, Sara Billups & Katie Kavulla