Tucked away, back off of busy Fremont Avenue North where Wallingford and Fremont meet, sits Pecado Bueno. You may have seen it from the street before — probably on your way to the zoo — but likely thought it was a bar, because honestly, it looked too fun to be family-friendly. Pecado Bueno is that restaurant in Seattle that every one loves, but nobody will tell you about because they want to keep it all to themselves. Sorry, friends. We’re here to break the silence on this family-friendly hotspot. While we realize that the first rule of Pecado Bueno is that you never speak of Pecado Bueno (Brad Pitt thinks we’re hilarious…), that $3 all day, everyday margarita is a total deal breaker.

$40 for Four…Without Cheaping Out
Put Pecado Bueno on the short list of places in Seattle where a family of four can dine out for under $40… and that includes margaritas! We know what you’re thinking — sure, the prices are great, but that probably means that they’re cutting corners, right? Not here. The phrase on their sign “sin well” goes beyond those $3 margaritas — Pecado Bueno is dedicated to cooking simply and with the best possible ingredients, including local seafood, organically fed and hormone-free meats and even tortillas that come from Sea-town. Leave your dining out parenting guilt at the door and just enjoy yourself. Or, order another $3 margarita.


What They Should Order
The kids’ menu is short, sweet and perfectly delicious. Our mini-food critics gave double thumbs up to the quesadilla (cheese only), which was big enough to feed two toddlers. The nachos were also a hit and were declared to be “so cheesy!” All of the kid entries are less than $5 each and include a drink from the fountain machine (we promise not to tell your kids that!). They also have Mexican sodas, which are fun for a special treat — get one to share to prevent sugar-induced Mexican hat dancing at 10:00 pm.


What You Should Order
Would one of each be a bad suggestion? Sorry, we know that doesn’t help much. Start with whatever specials they’re featuring, because they often include seasonal veggies. If those don’t grab you, the Chimichanga Dog is a popular choice (a bacon wrapped hotdog… Mexican-style), as are their tacos (chicken? carnitas? butternut squash? cod? carne asada? tiger prawns?). On the lighter side, the Mexican Chop Chop Salad (you can add chicken or steak) was perfect on the side of those “Mommy Margaritas,” as they’ve been dubbed by the regulars.


Let’s Get Festive
As soon as you walk into Pecado Bueno for the first time, you’re going to get the feeling that beyond all of that tasty food they whip up, they like to have a good time here too! And, it’s true. Often featuring live music and a hoppin’ patio area when the sunshine is sticking around, Pecado Bueno is not just a restaurant… it’s an experience. Grab a group of friends, let the kids scarf down on quesadillas until they can hardly breathe and tell the waitstaff to keep the margaritas coming. You’re going to wish it was a Pecado Bueno night every night.

Pecado Bueno
4307 Fremont Avenue North
Seattle, Wa 98103

Keep an eye on their Facebook page, where they often post trivia contests for gift cards, updates on family-friendly events and specials that will make you throw your meal planning menu out the car window.

Monday through Friday: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm (Happy Hour from 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm daily)

What do you love most about Pecado Bueno? Do you have a favorite item on the menu? Let us know in a comment below.

— Katie Kavulla

Salsa bar picture from the Pecado Bueno Facebook page. All other photos by Katie Kavulla… after she had a $3 margarita.