Food trucks have revolutionized lunch time, bringing gourmet “fast” food to the streets of Seattle. But in addition to working the food truck circuit, most trucks are willing and able to attend school functions, little league events and even family parties, bringing their delectable delights to your door. Bypass the popcorn and candy concessions and let one of these food trucks serve you at your next big shindig.

Buns on Wheels

Delicious burgers and fries are comin’ your way from Buns on Wheels. This mobile kitchen serves gourmet burgers made from premium, all-natural, organic ingredients. The truck resembles a full-service kitchen and the sides open up so the cooking and prep are transparent to the guests, creating a fun and engaging environment. Buns on Wheels serves beef, chicken, and salmon burgers with options ranging from a classic cheeseburger to the Flamethrower Hottie, a burger that packs some heat with ghost pepper chipotle sauce. Buns on Wheels strives to be environmentally responsible, using recyclable containers and silverware and sourcing supplies from local businesses. Got a party of picky palates? This burger truck will happily work with you to customize a menu that fits your partygoers' tastes.


photo: Buns on Wheels Facebook page

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— Abbey McGee