Food trucks have revolutionized lunch time, bringing gourmet “fast” food to the streets of Seattle. But in addition to working the food truck circuit, most trucks are willing and able to attend school functions, little league events and even family parties, bringing their delectable delights to your door. Bypass the popcorn and candy concessions and let one of these food trucks serve you at your next big shindig.

Los Chilangos

Ask most kids and they will probably answer that the quesadilla is one of their favorite foods and Los Chilangos cooks up one of the best around. Amigos of all ages will enjoy traditional Mexican fare, including quesadillas, tacos and their signature item: al pastor, a marinated pork cooked on a vertical rotisserie served with pineapple. Los Chilangos’s menu is greatly influenced by family recipes and the love and care poured into each menu item comes from a long line of family inspiration and influence, going all the way back to a successful tamale business in Mexico City. Los Chilangos supports local businesses by using locally sourced meats, fish and eggs and frequently attends community and school events and offer special pricing for schools.

Phone: 425-221-7623

photo: Erin Kunkel

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— Abbey McGee