Food trucks have revolutionized lunch time, bringing gourmet “fast” food to the streets of Seattle. But in addition to working the food truck circuit, most trucks are willing and able to attend school functions, little league events and even family parties, bringing their delectable delights to your door. Bypass the popcorn and candy concessions and let one of these food trucks serve you at your next big shindig.

Sweet Wheels

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream sandwiches! When the bright pink Sweet Wheels truck rolls up, you know you’re in for one cool, made-to-order treat. Choose from one of their four classic sandwiches; the Vette (chocolate chip-macadamia nut cookie with vanilla ice cream), the T-Bird (espresso/chocolate shortbread with white coffee ice cream), the Cobra (dark chocolate cookie with chocolate ice cream), and the XKE (salted oatmeal cookie with coconut ice cream). Or walk on the wild side and mix and match cookie and ice cream flavors to create your own custom sandwich. Dark chocolate cookie on top and salted caramel on the bottom? Two flavors of ice cream? Invent a combination you want and choose your own flavor adventure. Cookies are home-baked and filled with Whidbey Island ice cream. The truck also serves ice cream bars for those who prefer a cookie-free treat or who might need a gluten-free option. Sweet Wheels goal is to delight their customers by bringing fun and flavor wherever they go. Sound like a home run to us!

Phone: 206-972-4618

photo: Sweet Wheels

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— Abbey McGee