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Facebook is so early 2008. Twitter is where the action is, especially for many food-loving moms who have tapped into a late-night, kids-are-asleep gab fest. On the off chance you don’t know, Twitter is the social media outlet of the moment. It was designed as a micro-blogging site that allows you to post “tweets” of 140 characters or fewer about what you are doing at the moment. Imagine texting a friend, but better because you can see what any number of people are doing or thinking about at any given moment.

It’s not as inane as you might assume. Twitter has become a virtual water cooler, where people have been able to learn more about their friends and even make new ones. Offline, people organize tweet-ups to meet for coffee, lunch, even potlucks. For moms, Twitter is a great place to share recipe ideas, unload stress about family life and get support when you most need it. For example, just knowing that even the most loving moms yell at their kids on occasion makes a difference.

The moms listed below have blogs or Web sites in addition to their Twitter feeds. You can follow them to join the conversation. You have to sign up for a Twitter account, if you don’t already have one. Once you are signed in, you can click on the links to the names below and then click on the follow button on each person’s page.

@SavorySweetLife – Alice, mom of three, who blogs about recipes and baking.

@glutenfreegirl – Shauna, mom of one, who blogs about living a full life and how being gluten-free isn’t a death sentence.

@danatreat – Dana, mom of two, who blogs about life and vegetarian cooking.

@RebekahDenn – Rebekah, mom of two and former P-I food writer, who blogs about food news.

@1familyfood – Nurit, mom of two, who blogs about family cooking.

@CarolSchiller – Carol, mom of three, who created the Baby Chaleco (bibs).

@OnFoodandLife – Jess, mom of one, who writes for Seattle Metropolitan and blogs about cooking and life.

@RachelHartRios – Rachel, mom of two, who’s the editorial director for Seattle Magazine and its sister magazines.

@AshleyRodriguez – Ashley, mom of two, who blogs about life, food (baking) and photography.

@FourChickens – Jeanne, mom of one, who helped organize Canvolution events in Seattle.

@allisonscheff – Allison, mom of two, who is the food editor at Seattle Magazine.

@CoziFamily – Where you can find other moms across the country who are tweeting.

—Hsiao-Ching Chou,