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You do your best by your children to keep up with the culinary Joneses, shopping for what’s in season at the farmers market, keeping track of where and how far your produce traveled, and whether the chicken breasts and ground beef came from happy livestock. But even the most dedicated home cook experiences an occasional day when a frozen dinner is exactly what sanity demands. Luckily, with Eat Local, you get a convenience product with a conscience.

Open since 2007, Eat Local offers frozen meals made with seasonal and organic ingredients from nearby farms (about 20 in a 300-mile radius from Seattle). None of the foods contain artificial preservatives or refined sugars, and the packaging is made from recycled or sustainable materials. The best part: for all its wholesomeness, the food at Eat Local doesn’t lack in deliciousness.

The kid favorite, Howe Street Mac-N-Cheese ($6.98, 10 oz.), combines elbow macaroni and cheddar cheese with a touch of onions and bay leaf. At a recent gathering of three year olds, the dish left the kiddos clamoring for more. The grass-fed beef lasagna ($8.98, 12 oz.), with ricotta and house-made mozzarella was also a hit.  And many of the single serving entrees are large enough to split between two small eaters.

Eat Local is located at 2400 Queen Anne Avenue North (206-328-3663). A take-out menu is available at You also can order Eat Local items through

—Hsiao-Ching Chou