Seattle Kid-Friendly Event January 29 – 31

It’s the end of the first month of 2010, and if you haven’t gotten your fun on yet, this weekend is surely the ticket.  The wonderful Children’s Film Festival Seattle is in full swing; we’ve picked two great events below, but there are many more where those come from, just check out the schedule In other family-friendly entertainment, check out a puppet show, a musical or storytime. And if you’re wondering how long the winter is going to last, you might want to head up to Groundfrog Day in Snohomish and meet Snohomish Slew, the funny frog who will look for his shadow and see just when you can pack your heavy coats away. (Trust us, Punxatawny Phil’s got nothing on this clever little amphibian!)



Festivus for the Rest of Us
Sponge at Children’s Film Festival Seattl
e Before watching two fab flicks en español (“Creature Comforts” and “Tall Tales”),  get a mini-language lesson from the folks at Sponge.  Both films are subtitled, in case you come away with nada.  Sun.  11 a.m. (for ages 3 and up); 3 p.m. (for ages 7 and up); Seattle,  $6.50 to 9. Read more.

Music to our Ears
Gustafer Yellowgold
> This delightful show is part rock concert, part animation, and tells the tale of Gustafer, a little drop of sun who comes down to earth for quite the adventure.  Sat. 11 a.m.,  Seattle, $12. Read more.

Better Than TV
The Green Bird at Northwest Puppet Center
Colorful shadow puppets plus exuberant live  music equal a mesmerizing show based on a Mexican folktale.  Sat-Sun through Feb. 14, Seattle, $8.50 to $10.50. Read more.


Life’s A Stage
Emperor’s New Clothes at Kirkland Performance Center
Who doesn’t love the funny musical about the Emperor who almost wanders the kingdom in his birthday suit?  A bonus: this performance has lots of audience participation.  Sat-Sun through Feb. 7; 11 a.m., 1 and 3 p.m., Kirkland, $9. Read more.

Better Than TV
Story Time with the Ravioli Sisters
Join Mary and Mary Joe for the ultimate morning trifecta: stories, painting, and a sweet treat to follow.  Thurs. 11 am, Bellevue, Free. Read more.

Community Communing
Groundfrog Day at Ferguson Park
No need to follow that no-good groundhog Puxatawney Phil when you’ve got  local celeb Snohomish Slew, a.k.a. the Meteoroligist Frognosticator who will search for his shadow to figure out how long winter will last. The day of activity includes crafts, “green activities, and music for the whole fam.Sat., 10:30 to 4 pm, Snohomish, Free. Read more.


–Kavita Varma-White