It’s that time of year where you give and give and give, yet at the end of the day, your fulfillment candle is barely burnin’. Because, honestly, the recipients of your generosity are your kids, family and friends, most of whom don’t need much to make their holiday brighter. 80

Turns out, there’s still a chance to feed the flame by donating a gift to a child in dire circumstances. These are kids, ages six months to 9 years, who are living in a car or shelter, or staying in a rehab facility with their addicted Mom, or staying with lots of different people on different nights. These are kids who won’t have a single present to open on Christmas Day.

With the help of Seattle-based Family Services, Red Tricycle readers are able to purchase a specific item, which will be matched with the child whose ‘wish list’ it came from. All you need to do is buy the gift and send it to:
ATTN: Vickielee/Red Tricycle
Family Service’s Baby Boutique,
1100 Virginia Street, Suite 211, Seattle, WA, 98101

For office hours and other info, go here.

This has been an unusually difficult year for Family Services in that a recent drop from Toys for Tots was cancelled, due to lack of donation. So, really, any contribution from us will truly make a difference. And here’s betting you’ll get your holiday glow back.

PS – If you’re already cutting back on holiday spending, consider recruiting your friends, co-workers or PEPS group to share the cost of a gift with you.

PPS – A special shout out to a 12-year-old boy named Jonathon, who won a tricycle in our raffle last week and decided to donate it to a charity collecting for kids in need… Jonathon, you rock!