The ultimate dilemma: Your server asking “Would you like to see our dessert menu?” Even though you know foregoing dessert is an option, sometimes that after-dinner sweet tooth just aches for a little something something. So go ahead, sneak a peek at the menu. Because honestly, what’s better than dessert? How about dessert and drinks…together. The best of both worlds? We think so. Our friends at Seattle Magazine must agree, as they rounded up some great spots for spiked desserts to cap off a meal or an evening in a scrumptious manner. A.J. Rathbun writes:

Boozy Milkshakes, Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery
These are every adult’s dream. You get to feel like a kid and a grown up all at once. My pick is the Extra-Dark Salted Caramel with Espresso and Rye Whiskey milkshake garnished with vanilla sugar, but there are four to choose from and each is constructed with Bluebird handmade vanilla ice cream. And booze, naturally.

Strawberries and Grappa, Artusi
A summertime gardener’s treat (and if you’re an Italian gardener, a double treat), this flavor-packed ensemble macerates fresh strawberries in Italian-after-dinner staple grappa and then finishes it off with black pepper and lush cream. As a bonus, as it contains fresh fruit, you can convince yourself that this is really a healthy dessert.

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