Happier, Healthier, Haunting

For many of us, Halloween conjures up memories of draft_lens2228087module12065639photo_1224037536orange_green_pumpkins2orange and black decor and sticky-sweet treats. True, Halloween is a holiday heavy on sugar, not to mention waste, but what if it didn’t have to be? Thanks to Seattle-area’s Corey Colwell-Lipson, founder of Green Halloween®, Seattle is abuzz with ways to make your Halloween a little easier on the environment. Start by escorting your goblins to one of Seattle’s thrift stores—or visit a virtual swap to pick out their haunting attire. Feeling crafty? Help Junior whip up a handmade costume, from, say, treasures in the kitchen junk drawer or remnants of your old costumes.

Green Halloween’s Web site offers many resources, including their own marketplace (new this year), where you can purchase costumes, decorations, treats and more. There are also downloadable action kits to help spread the word. One suggestion is to organize a playdate to visit a participating local vendor, such as Bellevue’s Whole Foods.

Like the idea, but can’t give up the treats? Tasty organic lollipops are better for children and the planet and some come in compostable wrappers. A complete list of greener treats is available too, natch.

RRR tip: When your kids toss aside this year’s costumes, pack them up in reusable bags and have a recycled but complete costume ready to hand down to the next little ghoul.

—Matina Fresenius