Do you find yourself constantly reminding your children—or yourself —to turn off that faucet and compost those paper cups? We know of some groovy pals to help you out—Global Green Pals.

These soft, 12-inch characters are hip, chic eco-ambassadors that can serve as role models for kids, teaching through play that saving the planet can be fun. Their removable duds are made from organic, natural and tested fibers and low-impact dyes. Even their stuffing is made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic PET bottles .

Global Green Pals are made by Restoration Gallery, LLC is a woman-owned, American-based company committed to bringing children eco-friendly, educational toys that inspire positive world action through play and imagination. Its founders, Malini Goel and Helena Robertson, have been lifelong friends since they were four years old. With characters such as Carbon Offset Chet, Recycle Kyle and Clean Air Kate, the stories behind their adventures will inspire your kids to take small actions in their homes, schools and communities such as turning off electronics, planting a tree or garden, riding a bike, recycling and composting,  and spreading the word to friends and parents! They can even share stories of their success with Global Green Pals online.

We love that Global Green Pals has partnered with 1% For the Planet, a growing, global movement of companies that donate one percent of their sales to a network of environmental organizations worldwide. We bet you’re breathing easier already.

—Matina Fresenius