Pinterest revolutionized crafty pursuits for the masses. But these moms put the economics in Home Economics, by turning their talents into cottage industries that produce inspired products for moms and kids we adore. You know what else we love? When you shop with these moms you get the “think global, act local” seal of approval this holiday season (bye bye, big box stores!). So flip through to meet some of Seattle’s craftiest moms and get ready to shop, shop, shop!

Christina Collins-Pezner

It only took a trip to Italy (back in 2008) to convince Christina Collins-Pezner to try her hand at upcycled clothing for kids. A short time later, Ricicili (Italian for “recycle”) was born! Over the last 5 years, Christina has turned her idea into a full time at-home business that breathes new life into old clothes. Taking bits and pieces from used clothing found at thrift stores and textile salvaging programs, her creations are 99.9% recycled (even the buttons and lace come from old pieces!). And each piece promotes individuality 100% of the time. Most recently, Christina’s partnered with Eileen Fisher to design kid’s clothes for the new Green Eileen store in Columbia City (one of only two in the country!). This partnership is just another way Christina continues to uphold the values of downsizing, reusing and creating from something that would otherwise be lost. Three cheers for super adorable sustainability!

Find it: You can find Christina’s upcycled duds at the Urban Craft Uprising in December and at these Seattle area stores. Or find her on Facebook.

Can’t get enough hand-made crafts?
Be sure to check out the etsyRAIN Handmade Holiday Show the last weekend in November. Entrance is free and a few of our featured moms will be there. Then, head over to the Urban Craft Uprising the following weekend, at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, where you’ll see a few more of our featured moms, alongside 150 other local artists!

Looking for shops that carry locally made products?
Check out Nearby Registry, an awesome new site that launched in Seattle this summer. Nearby Registry highlights local, independent stores and non-profits that carry locally made crafts and products. What a great way to invest in our local Seattle community!

Do you know of a crafty mom who isn’t on our list? Let others know about her in a comment below.

–Allison Sutcliffe

Photos thanks to: Claudina Valcarlos, Jen Boyer, Claudia Cerrato, Chris Clark Photography, Katie Rust, Christina Collins-Pezner, and Leah Adams