104Summer may be the season of superhero blockbuster flicks, but for Little One, it’s always a good time to play at saving the world. Thanks to hero T-shirts from Little Capers, Little One can discover hidden superpowers without any hint of an R-rating. These super shirts were created by a mom who wanted to indulge her hero-obsessed son, but didn’t love those polyester sets rife with violent connotations. These 100% cotton tops (to size eight) feature non-commercial logos: star, Earth, flower, lightening bolt, heart, phoenix, Saturn, and peace sign. Choose from short sleeve (about $32), long sleeve (about $35), or infant sizes (about $22, no cape). Of course, a hero isn’t so super without one thing: a cape! Before you pull out the sewing kit and an old dish towel to fuss over making your own, rejoice. Each Little Capers top comes with a matching, removable (read: you can still throw the shirt in the washer), cape. Keep your eye on the skies — you just might spot a little hero out on a mission.

Little Capers
Available locally at Buggy (Business Closed), 3315 Beacon Ave. S (Beacon Hill)
Pop Tots (Business Closed), 6405 Roosevelt Way NE (Ravenna) and
Boston St., 1902 Post Alley (Pike Place Market)

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