Did you know there’s a way to bolster the bee population in your own backyard? Rent Mason Bees helps you put healthy bees into the ecosystem, making your garden grow and helping farmers to produce more food.

The Rent Mason Bee program works by finding hosts who will hang up a mason bee block in their yards. Mason bees pollinate 95% of flowers they land on and can visit over 2,000 flowers a day, which means gardens will flourish. At the end of the season, mail your nesting block full of “baby bees” back to Rent Mason Bees and they will harvest and clean the cocoons. Then, the next Spring, healthy mason bee cocoons are sent to farmers all over the West Coast to pollinate crops. Worried about stings? These docile, non-stinging, venom-free bees are safe around kids and pets.

Sweet news indeed.

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