Seattle families are spoiled with the many wonderful ethnic restaurants available around every corner (think pho, sushi, teriyaki and, of course, Mexican). But if you and your young foodies would like to try a taste of the other continents, we’ve rounded up a handful of restaurants worthy of repeat visits. Click through the gallery and follow our tips for a globe-trekking bite of the Emerald City.

The Salvadorean Bakery

The Salvadorean Bakery’s "tres leches cake" is legendary in West Seattle (and, perhaps beyond!). It's a sponge cake soaked in three different kinds of milk (evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream). While a slice of tres leches is the star attraction for kids, there's lots more to tempt the taste buds at the Salvadorean Bakery. Sisters Aminta and Ana want to share their traditional meals and customs with everyone. Try the mini pupusas - handmade tortillas stuffed with your choice of filling and served with homemade "curtido" (pickled cabbage), and salsa. Rumor has it their breakfast is amazing – especially the Platano Frito (deep-fried ripe plantain banana), served with eggs, refried red beans, sour cream, and French rolls. Salvadorean cookies, sweetbreads and other treats round up the desserts.

Insider Info: Birthday coming up? The Salvadorean Bakery has a huge assortment of piñatas. And .... if the tres leches cake is a big hit, you can order a whole cake, custom-decorated.

1719 S.W. Roxbury St.
Seattle, Wa 98106
206 762-4064

photo: Helen Walker Green

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— Helen Walker Green