Seattle families are spoiled with the many wonderful ethnic restaurants available around every corner (think pho, sushi, teriyaki and, of course, Mexican). But if you and your young foodies would like to try a taste of the other continents, we’ve rounded up a handful of restaurants worthy of repeat visits. Click through the gallery and follow our tips for a globe-trekking bite of the Emerald City.

Vostok Dumpling House

It’s like Perestroika never happened at this Soviet-inspired restaurant on Capitol Hill. As soon as you step through the door of Vostok (Russian for “east”) you’re back in the USSR. The borscht is a wonderful, warming way to start your meal (even better with a dollop of sour cream). Young comrades will love the piping hot Siberian pelmeni, filled with a choice of chicken or pork, and topped with traditional butter and vinegar, sour cream, thyme, garlic herb, or spicy sauce. It’s yummy comfort-food, especially when paired with “Russian fries” (surprisingly different from French fries, and absolutely delicious). Big kids may want to try a bottle of “Leninade" (it’s red, of course). And for dessert, Vostok makes a sweet vareniki (one of Ukraine's national dishes).

Insider Info: Beware of the KGB! Sauce, that is. This super spicy (but very tasty) sauce will make smoke shoot out of your kids’ ears faster than Sputnik!

Classified: Our spies tell us there are micro-brews for the grown-ups.

Vostok Dumpling House
1416 Harvard Ave.
Seattle, Wa 98122

photo: Helen Walker Green

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— Helen Walker Green