We’ve all got favorites, but in the tug-a-war of parenting, sometimes our faves get relegated to the sad backwaters of Maybe Next Time Land so that our littles stay happy. Your favorite lunch spot serves lentil and goat cheese salad; their’s serves grilled cheese with ketchup. Your favorite classes are in zen-like yoga studios; their’s are in pandaemonium-filled rooms with a million kinds of glitter and/or marimbas (but hey, at least they take that coma-like nap afterwards, right?). Their favorite playground is a little too close for comfort to the busy street; your favorite park is two blocks from your BFF, has awesome benches and free WiFi, but it’s missing the jungle gym where the kids can hang upside-down like the little monkeys they are.

If you’ve been searching for a spot that might just be everyone’s favorite, look no further than ROMP!

Ruby at Romp

Anne Deenenzo, owner and mastermind of ROMP, is all about making kids and their “significant others” happy. Her vision for this modern play space grew out of the belief that “happiness” for the modern family meant more than a life of driving from one structured activity to the next. Yes, the kids need place to learn, and to play, but everyone also needs to eat (preferably, something nutritious and not primarily consumed while in a car seat), parents need to work (or even just make a dentist appointment without a background chorus of “Butterfly Driving A Truck”), and once in a while, we’d like to make a new friend, or connect with an old one in a way that feels really meaningful and fun. And voila! ROMP was born.