235Natural Beauty

Whoever said ‘A picture tells a thousand words’ has never seen the photography work of Ballard mom Julia Kuskin. For Kuskin’s work – timeless snapshots of children in their everyday actions – is beyond words. A typical Kuskin photo isn’t a staged shot of perfectly coiffed kids in matching outfits smiling straight at the camera. Rather, they are environmental portraits that capture the essence of childhood. A kid tying his muddy shoe. A girl skipping down the street holding her babydoll. A boy gleefully jumping on his bed.

While she has done both commercial and portrait photography, Kuskin’s favorite subjects are kids. She often tells them to pretend she isn’t there when she’s shooting. Kids inherently feel more at ease, she says, which makes for natural scenes.

Much of Kuskin’s success comes in the way she does a shoot. She meets with her subjects first, then sets up an appointment to shoot. She uses natural light, uses digital or film, and is happy to photograph anywhere a client wants, whether it’s at home or in the neighborhood. A session can range from one to three hours, depending on the day and the family. “What people appreciate most about my work is that it captures real life. That’s what they want to remember.”

Photography by Julia Kuskin
Seattle, Everywhere, 206-406-4562