For those looking for an adventurous way to celebrate Leap Day on Wednesday, Febuary 29th, The Woodland Zoo has got you covered with their Amphibian Conservation. This is the perfect event for those little ones with a more scientific inclination. And, it’s great for those who just love everything slithery. Mention the poison dart frogs and the kids may be putting on their rain jackets and boots themselves to head out for a day at the zoo.

Get the kids out of the house early to take in the other zoo attractions starting at 9:30 am. The amphibian fun starts at 11:30 am at the Day Exhibit with a talk about the Oregon spotted frogs in Zoomazium. Then curator Jenny Pramuk talks at 12:00 pm about the amphibians. If the kids are up for it, there is a talk at 1:00 pm about axolotis and their conservation, a 2:00 pm talk about amphibians and a 3:00pm talk about poison dart frogs.

This will surely educate and excite little ones interested in learning everything about their amphibian friends. It might also stop you from having to actually house any amphibians in your own house if go and visit them at the zoo. Imagine little tree frogs scaling your dining room table and then plan your next visit to the zoo. This event is free with zoo admission or membership.

pssst: If you can’t make the actual event on Leap Day don’t worry. The Zoo is hosting another day of Amphibian Conservation on March 3. 

Woodland Park Zoo

— Katie Ludin

Photo Credit Woodland Park Zoo