Think Outside the (Cardboard) Boxgreenbox

Whether you are moving next door, over the bridge, or across the country, preparing to bundle up those toys and treasures you’ve gathered over the years can be a nightmare. Shuddering at the thought of bug-infested boxes your S.O. picked up off Craigslist? Seattle now has not one, but two solutions to this pesky problem — enter Frogbox and karmaboxx.

Reusable plastic Frogboxes offer eco-friendly, shiny green moving containers, totes and wardrobes, while blue-hued karmaboxxes made from recycled materials are regularly disinfected and reused hundreds of times. Both companies let you order online and deliver boxes ready for you to pack — no assembly required. And talk about full-service—they’ll even pick them up at your new digs after the move.

In keeping true to their names, Frogbox donates 1% of gross revenues to frog habitat restoration, including our very own Woodland Park Zoo, and karmaboxx donates 2% to a variety of community-suggested local charities.

So, when your kids take over the home office or your start-up begins expanding, set a good example by enlisting these companies for your corporate needs. Motivation bonus: You can’t delay unpacking knowing the boxes need to be returned. Clean up those carbon footprints and get a move on—literally.

—Matina Fresenius