Holiday gift-giving is usually all about the kids. Those little rascals are so darn cute! (And if you need some inspiration, check out our awesome gift guide and the best Seattle memberships for the whole family). But hard-working moms and dads need some treats under the tree as well. Whether you want to surprise your sweetie, your bestie, or just pat yourself on the back for another awesome year, here’s a list of the best memberships and annual passes for the grown-ups in your life.

For the Parent Who Wants to Work Out
Getting to the gym is perhaps the hardest thing in the universe for a busy parent. Who has time to find a sitter for your daily (ok, weekly) run or swim? What better way to give yourself a little love (and to introduce your kiddos to some new friends) than grabbing a membership to a gym where the childcare is built-in. There are lots of great gyms in town that offer kid care, but here are a few of our favorites that will be sure to fit the bill.

Gym Work Out

Olympic Athletic Club – Ballard
Childcare available for children ages 4 months and up. Members receive 10 free hours of childcare per month. Additional time is $3/hour. Reservations required.

Olympic Athletic Club
5301 Leary Ave. N.W.

Seattle, Wa 98107

Daily, 24 hours/day; see website for childcare hours

Membership Fees:
One adult and all children under 19 – $299 enrollment fee + $85/month
Two adults and all children under 19 – $399 enrollment fee + $140/month
Two adults and all children under 19 – $1440/year (no enrollment fee)
(Promotions available monthly so check online)

Denali Fitness – Interbay
Childcare available for children ages 3 mos.-7 years. $5/hour. Reservations required.

Denali Fitness
3257 16th Ave. W., Suite A
Seattle, Wa 98119
Online: or see their Madison Park location

Open (with childcare):
Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-12 p.m. and 4 p.m.-7:30 p.m. (no evening hours on Fri.)
Sat.-Sun., 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m.

Membership Fees:
Monthly Family Membership (2 adults and all children under 23) – $139 enrollment fee + $139/month Annual Family Membership (2 adults and all children under 23) – $1599/year

Pro Sports Club – Bellevue
Childcare available for children ages 6 weeks to 9 years. Cost depends on age of child, ranging from $6-10/hour. Bellevue members can also leave premises while kids are in daycare. Reservations required.

Pro Sports Club
4455 148th Ave. N.E.
Bellevue, Wa 98007
Online: or visit their Seattle location

Open (with childcare):
Mon.-Fri., 8:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m.
Sat.-Sun., 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Membership Fees: Call membership services for a quote; 425-885-5566.

pro sports club bellevue

Rainier Health & Fitness – Rainier Valley
Free childcare for members with children ages 1-10 years. No reservation required.

Rainier Health & Fitness
7722 Rainier Ave. S.
Seattle, Wa 98118

Open (with childcare):
Mon.-Thurs., 5 p.m.-8 p.m.

Membership Fees:
Monthly adult membership (includes all children of members) – $30/month + $99 initiation fee
(Current two-for-one promotion going on if you sign up in December)


YMCA -13 locations city-wide
A family membership provides you with free childcare at each of the 13 locations while you work out. No reservations required.

YMCA of Greater Seattle
909 Fourth Ave.
Seattle, Wa 98104

Open (with childcare):
Hours dependent on location; find your YMCA and ask for details.

Membership Fees:
One adult and all children – $100 enrollment fee + $65/month
Two adults and all children – $123 enrollment fee + $112/month

For the Newly-Minted Mama
If you’re a new mom, a mom-to-be, or partnered to one, you know that a little self-care goes a long way to making a hard week feel manageable. Now the spa gift certificates and mani-pedi dates are nice, but if you’re looking for something that nourishes the body and the soul, consider a 12-class pass to Seattle Holistic Center for Prenatal Yoga (or Mom & Baby Yoga). For the really active (or for the folks who want to get active), a monthly membership to Stroller Strides ($50/month plus $48 one-time registration fee, or $100/10-class pass) will get you moving for sure.

stroller strides

For the Parent Who Needs Some Down Time
All parents are on the go, but some moms and dads have a hard time slowing their roll long enough to catch their breath. So if you have a parent in your life who needs to partake in the time-honored American tradition of vegging out, why not give them an annual membership to Netflix or Hulu Plus (either is $95.88; monthly memberships also available). It’s a pretty good ploy to get them to invite you over for movie night, but it’ll also guarantee that they keep their keester on the couch long enough to shake off some of the day’s craziness, at least until Grey’s Anatomy is over.

Movie Night

For the Foodie Parent
If you have a mama friend who brings an organic kale and heirloom potato frittata to the co-op brunch, or know a dad who frequently packs homemade spinach and pear smoothies in his kids’ lunchboxes, then it’s a good chance that your gourmet pal would love one of these foodie-friendly memberships or gift certificates.

For the locavore parent who wants fresh, fabulous produce (but perhaps doesn’t have time to hit the farmers market every week), then a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership is just the ticket. These delivery services offer weekly boxes of hand-picked, lovingly farmed grub from local produces sized to fit your family. Drop offs go to either your house, or to an easy pick-up spot around town.


The Old Chaser Farm ($85/week) supplies Seattle super star chef Matt Dillon’s restaurants, and their weekly CSA box might include eggs, dairy, bread and wine in addition to gorgeous produce. Meat shares for happy pigs are also available.

Oxbow Farm ($20-$30/week) has dozens of convenient drop off sites throughout Seattle and the Eastside and in addition to offering fruits and vegetables throughout the spring and summer bounty, they also offer optional add-ons that include jams, eggs, and even sauerkraut, as well as a winter CSA option.

Helsing Junction Farm is certified organic and offers their boxes of goodness as far afield as Hoodsport, Bellevue, Lynwood and Lacy (as well as throughout Seattle proper). They have specialized gifting options that allow for 1 week ($30) or 4 week ($120) shares, as well as annual shares available.

And although their produce isn’t all local, Full Circle Farm ($23-45/week) and New Roots ($30-$40/week) have cornered the market on streamlining organic produce boxes delivered right to your door each week.


For the Parent Who Likes Fancy Eats (Delivered)
For the friends who love to eat, but hate to cook (or who just haven’t had time to cook since that last kid started walking), you will rock their world with a gift of one of Seattle’s gourmet meal delivery services.

The Lucky Palate offers all vegetarian delights served up a la carte, or in monthly meal plans (starting at $132/two meals per week, up to $329/six meals per week plus desserts).

Kitchen Door delivers weekly single-servings of fresh and frozen hearty, home-cooked meals, including kid-friendly items and delightful desserts. Activation fee is $8, plus another $8 for delivery, but entrées start at $10 each.

With healthy menu choices like kale, white bean and grilled fennel salad, or rosemary and beet soup, Kendal’s Kitchen is a great choice for nourishing and creative dishes, especially if you’ve got a gluten-free or dairy-free family on your list. Entrées are purchased a la cart and include a $25 hardware deposit.

If you have a mom or dad you know that is already a believer in the gourmet grocery/meal delivery, then consider a membership to Eat Local ($80/year) instead of, or in addition to, a normal gift card. Awesome extras like a free coffee drink with every purchase and free shipping on big orders, as well as discounts on catering and cooking classes, this membership is a sweet luxury for those who already like a little luxe in their universe.


Although not local, Blue Apron is also a fun choice for folks looking to glam up their kitchen credentials. Recipients will get a box each week filled with fresh ingredients (pre-portioned to make everyone’s lives easier!) and matching recipes to jump start your next cooking adventure with ease.

If you’re looking for an easy win or the perfect complement to another foodie membership, no parent in recorded history has ever turned down a membership to a beer of the month club. The Craft Beer Club ($38/month for 12 bottles), or the Microbeer Club ($29/month for 12 bottles) are two great places to start.

For the Practical Parent
If you have a Super-Serious Sally or No-Nonsense Ned on your list, giving them something super useful will not only sky-rocket you to Saint status in the hearts and minds of your practical pals, it will also ensure that yours is the only item that won’t be re-gifted at the office holiday party.

Amazon Prime

Amazon addicts coast-to-coast will tell you that a Prime membership ($79/year) is the best! It has set the gold standard in customer service and the free shipping (as if that alone weren’t worth it’s weight in gold) will ruin your friends forever from “normal” online shopping. Members also get access to thousands of on demand TV shows, movies and Kindle books and can add up to five special someones (ahem…) to their account as guests and give them free shipping as well. Let’s just say that this gift might have some well-deserved kick backs!

We all have the friend who swore they’d never give up their convertible for a swagger wagon minivan, or who were convinced their kids would all magically potty train themselves before the age of two. But sometimes dreams really do come true. And often, the place for parents is not Disneyland, but the magical world of Costco. If you’ve got a family in your life without a Costco membership ($55-$110/year), this will be the gift that goes down in history as “the thing I never knew I absolutely needed until now.”


Once they take their first steps inside Costco, their little parent hearts will explode with happiness as the cornucopia of plenty erupts before their eyes. 500 granola bars? Perfect for the Scout campout. A family size parcel of juice boxes? Just what they needed for a month of lunches. A cheese plate for 30? Bam! Party planning done in one foul swoop. And people, let’s not forget the $1.50 hot dogs the size of your 7 month old, or the free samples that will keep the kiddos quiet and happy during the 2-hour trek through the warehouse. Now… if we could only help you find a parking space that wasn’t half a mile away.

If you have a road warrior (or King or Queen of carpool) in your life, then a AAA Membership  ($56-$124/year) may feel like the old-fogey gift of the season, but it could also be the gift that saves the day. With free towing and nationwide travel offers and advice, a AAA membership provides peace of mind to every parent who’s driven a carful of kiddos off to the away game, only to find that their gas tank wasn’t quite as full as they thought it was.

car trip

And if you’re looking for the honest to goodness, sure-fire-winner-winner-chicken-dinner, pièce de résistance, best gift for any parent EVER, look no further than the gift of someone else scrubbing the toilets. Although almost all housekeeping services will allow for gift certificates in any denomination, the following services have dedicated gift certificate pages and will provide estimates for you based on the size of the house so you can guestimate you gift size: Brook’s Housekeeping, Maid in the Northwest, Broomstick Cleaning and Secret Service Housekeeping.

If you have other ideas for the perfect gift for the moms and dads in your life, let us know in the comment section below. We’d love to share your ideas with our awesome Red Tricycle parents!  

–Katie Gruver

Photos by: CherryPoint, Fit4Mom Seattle, Flashy Soup Can, WhitneyInChicago, Maggie Hoffman, BrianFling, miamism via Flickr, Blue Apron, PRO Sports Club Facebook page and Dzhingarova.

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