It’s true, big backyard BBQs won’t be a thing this year, but you and the kids can still make the most of this three-day weekend with activities, games and virtual events that celebrate the day. Read on to plan a stellar Memorial Day weekend at your place.

photo: iStock

1. Take a moment
Set the stage for the weekend, with a focus on what Memorial Day means and why it’s celebrated using language kids can totally understand.

2. Fest from home
Usually you and the kids would be soaking up the sunshine on the lawn at City Center, enjoying Northwest Folklife Festival around this time. Experience the same programming and sense of community from home this year instead.

3. Fire up the grill
It wouldn’t be Memorial Day without at least one grilled meal. Choose yours from one of these 22 kid-friendly mains you can cook over a flame.

4. Try something sweet
Welcome summer with these make-your-own popsicle recipes the kids will love.

5. Make music
Stage a family concert in the backyard with these easy-to-construct instruments designed by folks at the Seattle Symphony. Encore!

6. Have good, clean fun
In honor of Memorial Day, head to a veteran’s park (or other memorial park) to pick up litter with the kids. On our list, the Steve Cox Memorial Park, Martin Luther King, Jr. Civil Rights Memorial Park and the Veteran’s Memorial Park in Renton.

7. Stay up late
Long weekends mean parents can fudge on bedtime, especially when it means you can play these awesome twilight games with your crew.

8. Do the doo(dle)
Sit down with Seattle artist and educator, Jed Dunkerley to learn how to draw your favorite Washington plants and wildlife. On the docket, orcas, ponderosa pines and an octopus.

9. Make like Einstein
Simple science is where it’s at. And it doesn’t get easier than these 20 experiments you can do on the sidewalk.

10. Chalk it up
Add dimension to your typical sidewalk chalk drawings with one of these 15 new ways to play with chalk.

—Allison Sutcliffe