It’s the fear many parents face every evening. You know that moment when you realize, despite all best intentions, you have no earthly idea what you will make for dinner. And right then is when the kiddos start in with their questions: “What’s for dinner?”, “Do we have to eat that again?” Before you open that blue box with the powdered cheese for the fourth night in a row, check out the delicious and delightful food blogs of these Seattle moms who face the same daily battles and questions from their own kiddos.

Alice Currah

To say the mom behind the blog, Savory Sweet Life, is busy, is an understatement. With not only the blog, and three kiddos at home, Alice Currah is also a weekly contributor for PBS Parents, host of a video cooking series and a contributor to another recipe blog. Phew, it’s exhausting just thinking about all that juggling.

To prove it takes a village, Alice says she relies on multi-tasking, carpools, friends, family and of course the obligatory strong pot of coffee. Despite being a food blogger, Alice still has to deal with three finicky eaters and this is where she says her Tiger Mom comes out. “If a child is picky because they prefer processed or fast foods, then parents should take into consideration the nutrient value of what they are allowing their children to eat, because parents are the gatekeepers to what is fed to their children most of the time and the responsibility is with them. However, if a child is picky because it’s a texture issue, find middle ground. For instance, my kids did not like eating broccoli until I started roasting it in the oven. Now they can’t get enough of it, but only when it’s roasted.”

We dare you to try one of the most popular recipes on Alice's blog, The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ever.

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–Natalia Dotto

Photographs courtesy of Ashley Rodriguez, Kyle Johnson, Lena Hyde, Alice Currah, Alice Choi & Paola Thomas