Run, Run Revolution

241Like most moms of toddlers, Beth Baker of West Seattle spends her days running around. Only Baker’s running isn’t of the errand-and-grocery-store variety. She really runs, putting in loads of miles a week. It’s both her passion and her job; as founder of Mommy Caravan, Baker leads classes for moms who want begin a running routine.

A former audio engineer, Baker started jogging in her late 20s. It took her a year to run a 5K. But with the right shoes and some coaching, she conquered a half and then a full marathon. Friends started asking her to train them, and the seed of a business idea was planted. Soon after she had a few clients, Baker discovered she was pregnant. Once she had her son and started running with a stroller, she realized that moms were an obvious target market since many are looking for ways to start exercising again. Baker says most of her clients are beginners who have never run. She starts them out slowly, with a mix of running and walking, offering encouragement the entire way.

Mommy Caravan offers lessons for moms with and without strollers. An $85 six week session includes one run with Baker per week, plus a training schedule.

Mommy Caravan
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