While it is well-known that people in Seattle love their dogs, one spot in Edmonds is the cat’s meow. No dogs are allowed in the Kitty Catfe which is a lounge, a coffee shop and a retail store as well as home to a bunch of lovable cats that you can play with and adopt. What’s better than a good cup of coffee and a cat on your lap? Not much. Reed on for the cat-tastic deets.

It’s All About the Cats 
“Some cat cafes are places that serve coffee with cats thrown in. Here, we’re a cat café with coffee thrown in,” says owner Kristina Robinson. “We’re all about the cats.” And she’s not kidding! The Kitty Catfe is not quite finished, but Robinson couldn’t wait to get things started. The Catfe opened about six months ago, but the espresso machine that was bought for the place is still collecting dust in her kitchen at home. She’s just waiting for the health department to give the word that she can continue building her separate beverage counter. Until then, Robinson serves hot coffee from a Keurig machine and cold drinks from a can. And it’s a good thing that she didn’t wait to open as she has successfully placed 44 cats into new homes. “I’m here to save as many cats as I can,” says Robinson.

Different Strokes
Different people come to the Catfe for different reasons. Of course, some are looking for a feline to adopt, but others swing by just to hang out with the cats. “About 90 percent,” says Robinson. Some families come in because one of the spouses are allergic to cats. Some want to see if their kids are ready to for a pet. Others who have cats of their own back home, just really love hanging out with cats. It is sort of a crazy cat lady remedy.

The Kitty Catfe will have up to 15 cats on the premises at all times. While most are available for adoption, five are considered “house cats” and not available to take home. You can tell which ones these are by their fancy be-jeweled collars. Tony (who used to be call “Eggnog”) is the shop’s biggest cat and he thinks he owns the place. Harley is the handsome cat. Chloe is considered the “hairdresser” as she loves to sit on guests’ shoulders and play with their hair, especially if a guest’s hair has product in it. Baby is said to be the epitome of a cat who will approach you when she is good and Luna is a Polydactyly, which means she was born with six toes on each foot. All are beautiful and all are surprisingly outgoing.

Nice Pad
Not surprisingly, the Kitty Catfe is decked out with lots of cat décor and lots of pink. There are containers that hold toys, a gumball machine that dispenses cat treats and a wooden tic-tac-toe game using cut-out cats as markers. There are also lots of cat trees and ledges for the cats to hang out on too.

With so many cats, it’s amazing that they all get along. Robinson says that there has been a few scuffles between the felines, but not many and one of the most pleasant surprises about the place is that it doesn’t smell like a giant litter box. The cats literally have their own bathroom entrance away from the guests.

How the Adoption Process Works
The adoptable cats come from Whisker City and Motley Zoo Animal rescue. The adoption fee is $125 for a cat that has been “pre-loaded” with vaccines, micro-chipped and has been spayed or neutered. Some consider the Kitty Catfe as a showroom of cats. If you fall in love with one, you can fill out the adoption paperwork right there. Then, you can make an appointment with the agency that is doing the adoption to finalize things while Robinson continues to care for it.

As you can imagine, the place is pretty hopping on the weekends, so Robinson has made efforts to feature regular activities to bring people in during the week like “Crafting with Kitties” on Tuesdays from noon to 3 p.m., Bingo every Thursday from 1 p.m.-3 p.m. and 5 p.m.-7 p.m., and the occasional “Meowie Movie Night.”

Good to Know
All ages are allowed inside the Kitty Catfe.

The shop contains an ever growing assortment of cool retail items—all made locally—ranging from jewelry and cat toys to awesome and hilarious cat-themed items from the one and only Archie McPhee.

In addition to hot and cold beverages, delicious human snacks from Crème De La Crème Bakery are available for purchase.

Human seniors (age 55 & older) can adopt feline seniors age 7 & up for just $65.

Kitty Catfe
9697 Firdale Ave.
Edmonds, Wa 98020
Online: thekittycatfe.org

Hours: Tues.-Sun., noon-7 p.m.; closed Mondays
Entry Fee: $5 (includes 1 beverage)

Have you visited the Kitty Catfe? Do you plan to visit soon? Tell us about your experience in the Comments below! 

– Jeffrey Totey (all photos courtesy of the writer)