Birthday Eco-Bliss

It’s only after your little one has blown out the candles and all the guests have left with their goodie bags that you see the mountain of party waste left behind.  Paper plates, cups, napkins and decorations make for an over-flowing trash bin.  In theory, you’d be a good recycler and reuse the leftovers. But, really, how will those ballerina- or pirate-themed items go over at your next get together?

With Birthday Party Kits for Kids, Kenmore mom Trish White has come up with a solution that’s as creative as it is Earth-friendly.  White offers 8 themed birthday kits— from a Princess Party to a Western Roundup to a Jungle Adventure—and each includes all the goodies you’ll need to throw a festive party.  Each $50 kit serves a party for 8 and provides plates, cups, silverware and cloth napkins, a festive centerpiece, a table cloth, themed music CD, craft supplies, plus ideas for party games.  All of this means no shopping or planning for you. Just order a kit and White will drop it off (delivery is included in the price and she’ll go anywhere in the greater Seattle area.)  Set your table, hang your decorations and—voila! — you’re ready to party. After it’s all over, White will pick up the kit. And your trash bin will be amazingly empty.

—Kavita Varma-White