As kids, we all had a favorite book that was requested at bedtime, read repeatedly until the spine broke and the pages were torn. For some it was friendly Richard Scarry; for others, silly Dr. Seuss. But for those of us who grew up in the Pacific Northwest, there was always one book on our bedside tables: the sweet story about a grumpy ball of orange fluff named the Wheedle, whose nose blinked red as he snoozed on top of the Space Needle. Lucky for us, that book is still in print, and still causes many kiddos to stare at the top of the Needle and wonder…but are there any iconic Northwest kids’ books for the 21st century? Flip through our gallery and decide for yourself.

S is for Salmon: A Pacific Northwest Alphabet

Just released, this quintessential alphabet book for Northwest kids brings together gorgeous paper-cut artwork with pages dedicated to all that is living in the Northwest—L is for lichen, M is for morel, O is for octopus—in a way that celebrates the beauty of our home and everything that makes it unique. Author, artist and Seattle mom Hannah Viano based the book on plants and animals that she and her son found while roaming through the forests and beaches of their home, and gives the reader a little bit of history or a fun fact about each plant and animal she reveals. This book is perfect for the little (or big) explorer in your family.

Find it at: Mockingbird Books

Did we miss your favorite Northwest-themed kids’ book? Let us know in a comment below!

-Erin Cranston

Photo credits: Haley Stocking/Sasquatch Books