As a parent, you know life presents its share of challenges and the best laid plans often go awry. Even goals like going to college or finishing your degree can become derailed when the needs of family and kiddos come first. But your goals don’t always need to take a backseat. In fact, University of Washington’s (UW) ​Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences (ISS)​ program is designed for parents like you to achieve their dreams of finishing their college degree.

This online undergraduate degree completion program is an affordable way to go back to school at a world-class public university. The program offers students who previously faced obstacles going to college with the opportunity to achieve a college degree. It features the same outstanding faculty, course curriculum, advising and other services that on-campus students enjoy, and the diploma you earn is identical to on-campus UW programs.

Need more information about the benefits of the ISS program? Read on for five reasons to consider UW.

1. The degree is valuable. When you attend college, you’re not only taking home a diploma; you’re taking home a future lifetime of higher earning potential. A college degree makes you more marketable in the workplace, and with UW’s powerful alumni network, you’ll have access to individuals who can help you find the best job and company to work for after you graduate.

2. The degree is affordable. Everyone knows college is not cheap. But the ISS program provides one of the best values for the money. The per-credit costs for each class is significantly lower than many other degree completion programs. UW doesn’t want cost to prohibit you from earning your college degree.

3. The degree is flexible. Parents crave flexibility. It’s necessary when keeping up with the demands of family and kids. That’s why the ISS degree program works around your schedule so it fits your needs. And because all classes are online, you’ll can create a school schedule that works for you and your family. Plus, no commute time means you can maximize time with your kiddos.

4. The degree is achievable. UW wants you to succeed and bring home that diploma. To help you do that, students have access to experienced academic advisers, reliable technical support and highly-rated faculty and instructors. All this is designed to make college a reality, not just a dream.

5. The degree leads to self-efficiency and discovery. One of the cool things about college is the courses can help you discover new interests and could transform your life. And as today’s workplace and job skills evolve on an almost daily basis, you’ll be able to keep pace and have the skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

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—Leah R. Singer

all images courtesy UW