When it comes to Halloween costumes, your sidekick is a total original. And if it’s a DIY-er you get to make together, even better. That’s why we’ve rounded up some only-in-Seattle ideas that’ll guarantee a standout showing for your little boo-dy this year. Flip through the gallery to find your inspiration!

An Orca Whale

If you’ve been lucky enough to see one of the Sound’s resident orcas in the wild, then you totally get why an entire city is smitten with them. They are simply amazing! Give a happy Halloween shout-out to the J, K, and L pods that call Seattle home when your mini-me makes a super sweet orca costume her trick or treating outfit of choice.

photo: Chasing Fireflies website

What is your little one going to be this Halloween? Does he or she have an only-in-Seattle Halloween costume picked out? Share a pic or tell us about it in the comments below!

— Allison Sutcliffe