Picture That – Personalized Gifts Let Your Littles Shinepageeaton

Sure, you think your kid is as cute as a button and beyond photogenic. (What parent doesn’t?) So why not use that as your inspiration to create some truly personal holiday gifts—great for spouses and grandparents!—courtesy of a couple of talented Seattle artists.

Your little cutie’s personality will explode on a canvas, thanks to Page Eaton’s fab Pop Art Portraits. A recent college grad, Eaton is building her career as a graphic design artist by creating one-of-a-kind children’s portraits using acrylic paints and permanent markers. Send Eaton a handful of photographs and she’ll help figure out what has the best composition for a canvas. Then she draws and paints; the result is your gorgeous kid translated into a vibrant piece of art.  Eaton offers two sizes:  a 16 X 20 canvas is $185; a 18 by 24 canvas is $215.

Another great kid-art gift idea comes ornamentfrontfrom Ballard photographer Lynn Cameron, who creates personalized canvas photo ornaments. Just send  Cameron an image and she’ll reproduce it on an adorable tiny canvas. (There are three sizes: 3 x 3; 2.5 x 3.5; or 2 x 4). The ornament feature a photo on both front and back, and a delicate gold ribbon to hang it. Plus, Cameron will customize the ornament with a date or name. Each ornament is $24. (A make-you-feel-good bonus: Cameron donates 20 percent of ornament profits to the great local charity Westside Baby.) You can bet whoever receives one of these will be hanging it up for the holidays for years to come.

Paige Eaton Pop Art Portraits, www.pagekeaton.com

Lynn Cameron Personalized Ornaments, www.lynncameronphotography

—Kavita Varma-White