You already know there are many benefits to staying active throughout pregnancy, for both you and baby. But did you know that exercise can shorten labor and delivery? What mom doesn’t like the sound of that? If getting your tired, achy self to the gym or out for a walk is is easier said than done, perhaps having a class that you love might be the extra motivation you need. Click through the photo gallery for six prenatal fitness classes to keep you moving as well as make sure that bump stays more baby than burgers and ice cream.

Dive in!

If your growing belly has your body in need of something lower impact, water exercise may just fit the bill. The Prenatal Water Exercise class at The Fitness Center at Valley Medical Center is designed perfectly for expectant moms looking to stay in shape without putting a lot of extra strain on their already hardworking body. Their low level aerobics, muscle conditioning, and gentle stretches still give you a great workout without added weight or impact. Farther along and having trouble keeping your balance? Also not a problem in water!

Benefits for Mom: Since water exercise isn’t weight bearing, it’s easier on your body. Being in water also gives you an opportunity to feel weightless, and who wouldn’t love that in the middle of pregnancy?

Valley Medical Fitness Center
4011 Talbot Rd.
Renton, Wa 98055

Times: Tuesdays &Thursdays from 6:45 p.m.-7:30 p.m.
Cost: $45 a month. To register, complete the registration and clearance forms found here.

 What is your favorite prenatal class? Let us know in a comment below. 

–Angela Alanis

Photo credits: Fit4Baby, Whole Life Yoga website, Seattle Holistic Center, Pure Barre Bellevue Facebook page, Valley Medical Center Fitness Center & Pilates on 10th